Over the past years, there had been a great number of diseases. Some of these diseases were not yet even identified before. But with the help of science and technology, more conditions are being discovered including the mechanisms on how they work. One significant virus that was discovered to exist in the late 1970s was … More GENETICSxHIV

Uncovering the DNA Story

As you stare at your reflection in the mirror, what do you see? Who do you see? It may be a simple question, but there are still some people who would take a while before they answer. Take Lezlie for example. She is one of those people who had always encountered curiosity about her ethnicity from … More Uncovering the DNA Story

Born to Kill?

How would you react if, all of a sudden, you are told that you are a criminal before you even commit a crime? Wouldn’t you feel offended or harassed? What if the one who tells you has a dead-on evidence that criminal behavior is encrypted in your genes? Wouldn’t you begin to question yourself? If … More Born to Kill?